Managed WordPress hosting is effective, flexible and cost efficient

The word ‘Managed Hosting’ is fairly known, but not everyone understands what it exactly means and how it can be of benefit to his/her enterprise. Interpretation of the term may vary from person to person, because service providers customize their offerings under the name Managed WordPress Hosting.

Going by the strict definition of the term, Managed WordPress Hosting can be called an IT provisioning model which enables a service provider to lease necessary hardware and dedicated servers to a particular client. Making a provision for equipment is the responsibility of the service provider, who also owns data centers, network, servers and other devices. The service provider deploys, maintains and monitors the complete system. All this while, the user maintains full control over the operating system and applications as well. Distribution of work between service provider and the user helps improve security while giving the additional benefits of flexibility, reduced cost of operation and higher efficacy of resources. A lot of enterprises find Managed Hosting useful because it relieves them of certain responsibilities while giving the assurance that there is someone out there to monitor their systems all through the day for 365 days a year.

Managed WordPress Hosting scores above Shared or Dedicated Hosting in the sense that here the service provider equips the user with hardware, operating systems and system software. The user generally gets administrative access, but prefers to interact with the leased system through a web-based interface.  It is the responsibility of the host to set up and configure hardware, install and configure software, provide technical support, monitoring, give updates, manage patch and the system itself.

In addition, the hosting package may include backups, load balancing and disaster recovery, security processes including vulnerability scans, Intrusion Detection (ID) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) prevention and mitigation. The above mentioned services could also be available as add on.

Configuration of Server and its Maintenance

At the onset, a hosting provider will assign a specialized staffer to see if the hosting solution configured is good enough to meet the client’s needs. The provider shall also carry out maintenance activities to keep the system operational.

Constant watch on Server

The provider of Managed Hosting takes the responsibility of periodically scanning servers and searches for any potential issues that could compromise the system. The hosting provider is responsible for taking timely action to prevent any major disruption. The client’s only concern is smooth business operation and decreased downtime.

Efficient Backup and Storage

Business houses fear losing data, which they had gathered with a lot of hardships and without which their business will come to a standstill. If such an eventuality happens, the provider may have to shell out more money and spend extra time, bear the brunt on reputation and perhaps most importantly, lose a customer’s trust. So, it is important that confidential as well as personal information is stored securely and has a reliable back-up. Managed WordPress Hosting puts the onus on service provider to provide backup and ensure data is not lost under any circumstances.

Better Security

Managed hosting provides extensive security features like virus scan, spam filter, firewall configuration and operating system updates. In addition, you also get standard physical data center security measures. In short, the service provider will take all possible measures to safeguard your data from all possible threats.

24×7 Support

The highlight of Managed Hosting service is round the clock support. It does not matter what the issue is, you can rest assured that the provider is already working on resolving it. On most occasions, the provider assigns an executive to see you through the troubled situation.


Managed WordPress offers great amount of flexibility. The service provider minutely studies the uniqueness of your business and tries to understand its technological requirements. Providers would hold detailed consultations with their clients to find solutions most suitable for their businesses. The solutions offered are not static, but responsive to usage changes that happen from time to time. Most service providers are willing to scale up offerings, if asked for, to meet clients’ dynamic needs.

Cost cutting

Maintaining the hardware and employing the human resource needed for managing a website on your own could be an expensive affair. Also, it could compromise on security. Managed hosting can prove to be a effective solution that comes at a reasonable price. People who run commercial websites very well understand the cost of down-time for critical servers. A cost to benefit ratio will prove that it really pays to move to Managed Hosting.

Efficient Resource management

Outsourcing the management of your website makes absolute business sense. Once the job has been handed over to a service provider, you can engage the staff on your rolls for managing other valuable IT tasks.


Managed WordPress Hosting is most suited for you if effectively handling high traffic to your site is your top priority.

Managed Hosting providers have a specialization in application specific nuances besides providing up-to-date security and support for WordPress sites.